This is not my first rodeo.

I’m a writer in NYC with over 16 years of experience.

I graduated from art school. The kind of art school that didn’t have a football team. I was trained as a designer and adored fine art, but when it came to advertising, I was more interested in words. Words are the heart of a brand and the soul of a campaign. Shaping that voice is my passion. I believe in teamwork and hard work and I'm always hungry to help shape the next big idea. Check out my resume here

Let's work together. Call me at 347.726.0699 or email me at 


New York inspires me.

I wanted to capture how I felt riding my bike in NYC. This video was originally going to take 2 weeks and last 2 minutes, but I can’t do anything half-assed. So I ended up buying a new computer, learning Final Cut Pro and creating something that I’m proud of: NYC Ave.