Make it here.

Make it here.


This Citi campaign was like a love letter to New York and other great Cities where people have big goals and even bigger obstacles. I got to help produce the OOH print for the NYC subway stations.


TV Scripts

TV Scripts

I Think I Can

When people bring their dreams to the City, they bring along the voices of people who always said they couldn’t do it. And the people who truly make it here can take doubt and turn it into progress. Whether it’s in a city or an olympic arena, that message holds true. No one is going to tell you you can’t do it, because you know you can. That’s why Citi arms you with the tools and services that solidify your ambition, crushing any doubt.


Practice Makes Progress

In a city populated by the best of the best, progress is the difference between making something good and making something great. Any professional or Olympic athlete knows that when a goal is reached, it’s their many failures that got them there. This concept glorifies failure as the true hero of progress and shows how Citi checking and mobile services can help satisfy the perfectionist inside you.


You're Not an Olympian

Progress makers are always training. Training to be better at something they are already good at. They need to be faster, smarter and better. There’s no other option, because they are in an arena with the best of the best. They may not be Olympians but they have the heart and drive every champion can relate to. And Citi has the tools to ensure nothing gets in the way of their glory.


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